6 Interesting Facts About Window Cleaners

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Windows cleaner manhattan g is an exciting profession. What kind of people actually choose it? It’s far from piloting a helicopter or captaining a submarine. However, it’s almost as complicated and more dangerous as the above occupations.

Just as other professionals do, window cleaners have their secrets. We decided to share some interesting information with you. We hope you like it.

  1. We Don’t Like When You Say “Window Washer”

We don’t like it when you call us “window washers”. It sounds a lot like “dishwasher”. If you don’t want us to cringe at your words, please call us “window cleaners”. Meanwhile, the “window washing” phrase sounds just fine.

  1. We Are Afraid Of The Wind

Wind is our enemy. We don’t care for rain, hot sun, and snow, but we hate the wind. It’s virtually the only thing that can interfere with our work. Using high-rise systems, such as scaffolding and ropes when it’s windy out puts us in danger. That’s why we may cancel our session if the wind is strong.

  1. We Think Office Workers Are Strange

We love being able to work outdoors. We get to enjoy a wonderful scenery from a bird’s eye view. We enjoy every season and pity those, who have to spend long hours in the office. Many window cleaners used to be office workers in the past. One day, they just decided that they can’t take the lack of freedom anymore.

  1. We Fear For Our Lives

We don’t fear heights. We love the fresh breeze on the 90thfloor of the high-rise building. But we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t fear for our lives. That’s why we are always extra careful about protection and safety rules. Perhaps this approach may slightly slow down our work, but our lives are more important.

  1. We Try Not To Peek

When we do our work, we often look through the windows. If you live in a high-rise apartment building and see a window cleaner outside your window, close the blinds. We really don’t want to see anything you don’t want us to see. In fact, I think we are better off staying in the dark, but it’s not always possible.

  1. We Are Highly Skilled

Not everyone can become a window cleaner. We go through rigorous training to deal with all types of projects, including high and tough to reach spots. Cleaning windows is not simple. It’s tough and dangerous. But we still love the process! windows cleaner manhattan.