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6 Reasons To Replace Your Gutters

Window washing service Manhattan and gutter cleaning are among the “must-do” tasks for all the homeowners. While cleaning the gutters is important, it’s vital to catch the moment when they need to be repaired or replaced. Failing to replace gutters on time can lead to a damaged roof, foundation, and siding.

If during the regular cleaning, you see the below symptoms, it’s time to repair or replace the gutters. Try to do it when the weather is still warm outside to reduce the damage.

  1. Cracks and Splits

Small cracks in the gutter may seem like something not worth your attention. However, these splits are bound to turn into large ones with time. They allow the water to keep damaging your gutters. Eventually, they will damage your fascia boards, siding, and foundation.

If the cracks are tiny, you may want to consider repairing the gutter. There are some DIY repair videos on YouTube, but you are better off hiring a professional.

  1. Peeling Paint

The gutters are painted with special paint, which is designed to be weatherproof. If you see the paint peeling and revealing rusty specks, your gutter is rusting. The gutter rusting happens when it’s not functioning properly. The water doesn’t drain and causes rusting.

  1. Mildew At The Foundation

Gutters keep the water away from the foundation. If you see water or mildew around your house, the gutters aren’t doing their job properly. Perhaps they are clogged. If not, the gutters are probably damaged and need to be replaced.

  1. Water Damage

You have to clean your gutters at least once a year. We recommend checking them more often. If you see the signs of water damage or water traces when the day is sunny, your gutter is allowing the water to escape. Meaning, it’s probably damaged.

  1. Sagging Gutters

If the gutters are pulling away from the house or sagging, they need repair or replacement. You can discover this problem during a routine inspection. If the gutters are not properly attached, they can’t drain the water.

  1. Broken Fasteners

Pieces of metal, which hold the gutter attached to the roof, are designed to be very durable. If you notice several broken fasteners, the gutter may be damaged or clogged (window washing service Manhattan).


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6 Useful Fall Yard Cleaning Tips

Even though the summer is in full swing, many homeowners are already thinking about fall window cleaning. Window cleaner downtown is not the only task you have ahead of you. It’s important to take care of your yard as well.

Cold New York winters call for certain preparations. If you start early, you can forget about trying to get too much done in the fall. We are sharing a few simple tips to help you take care of your yard.


  1. Get Rid Of the Debris

The summer must have left a lot of debris scattered around your yard. Fallen leaves and small branches are an excellent place for pests to settle. If you don’t want to deal with unwanted guests in the winter, don’t leave anything lying around in the fall.

Clear out flowerbeds since fallen leaves rot and promote flower diseases in the winter time.


  1. Trim Branches

Rogue branches pose a hazard to your house in the fall and winter. Snowstorms and strong winds can make them tilt and fall on your home. In order to keep your roof safe while keeping the trees healthy, consider hiring a professional tree cutter. Climbing heights without special equipment and proper experience is dangerous.

  1. Drain Water

Drain water out of your sprinkler systems and hoses and store them in a dry place. Standing water can damage the equipment, cause unpleasant smells, and promote the growth of bacteria.

Even the smallest droplets of water can lead to unfortunate consequences and huge expenses.

  1. Pamper Your Lawn

Before the winter starts, you need to give your lawn enough food to survive the cold weather. Add special lawn fertilizer with plenty of phosphorous in order for the roots to stay healthy. By taking care of the lawn in the fall, you ensure lush growth in the spring.

Consider ordering the fall and winter fertilizers now. They are probably on sale. In the fall, they may go up in price.

  1. Invest in Plant Protection

If you have cold-sensitive plans, you need to protect them so they survive the cold fall and winter. Adding mulch and wrapping the plants in cloth can prevent them from freezing. If you have potted flowers, consider bringing them inside the house.


  1. Power Wash The Deck

Keep the dirt and mildew away by power washing the deck. Do it while it’s still warm outside so it can dry well. Consider waterproofing by staining so the wood is protected from the moisture damage during the cold season (window cleaner downtown).

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5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

While it’s summer out, window replacement can be quick and painless. You won’t need to leave your house and suffer from the cold weather and drafts. If you are suspecting that the time has come to replace your windows, check out the below signs.

If after reading the article, you decide to replace your windows, don’t forget to order a window washing service new york session for your new glass.

  1. Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

There are many reasons for the energy bill to become bigger. One of them is a damaged window. If you feel slight drafts coming through your windows, you are wasting your money on extra heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Sometimes, the drafts can be eliminated by adjusting the window. Make sure to hire specialists, who can do it.

  1. There Is Visible Damage

Whether you home has survived a huge snowstorm this winter or you accidently damaged a window during the furniture move, it needs replacement. Damaged windows don’t serve the purpose of keeping the room isolated from the street.

Large cracks can grow even larger, leading to the need to replace the windows immediately. Don’t wait. Do it right away.

  1. Hard Water Stains

If not eliminated timely, hard water stains can erode the glass, making it impossible to fix. A regular window washing session can deal with this problem. However, some homeowners delay the cleaning, thus allowing the water minerals to do their damaging job.

In case the glass is irreversibly damaged, you need to replace it. Sometimes, it’s possible to replace the glass without purchasing a new frame.

  1. You Are Bothered By Outside Noise

If suddenly you started hearing the outside noise, it means your windows stopped providing acoustic insulation. As a result, the quality of your life may be greatly reduced, especially if your house is facing a busy street. If you start hearing the noise, the drafts and energy bill increase are likely to follow.

  1. Carpets Starting To Fade

Not all windows do a good job keeping the direct UV rays out of your house. If you are suffering from too much sun, you may want to switch to laminated glass. Such window replacement can help you enjoy life in the summer while reducing the energy bills in the winter.

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6 Interesting Facts About Window Cleaners

Windows cleaner manhattan g is an exciting profession. What kind of people actually choose it? It’s far from piloting a helicopter or captaining a submarine. However, it’s almost as complicated and more dangerous as the above occupations.

Just as other professionals do, window cleaners have their secrets. We decided to share some interesting information with you. We hope you like it.

  1. We Don’t Like When You Say “Window Washer”

We don’t like it when you call us “window washers”. It sounds a lot like “dishwasher”. If you don’t want us to cringe at your words, please call us “window cleaners”. Meanwhile, the “window washing” phrase sounds just fine.

  1. We Are Afraid Of The Wind

Wind is our enemy. We don’t care for rain, hot sun, and snow, but we hate the wind. It’s virtually the only thing that can interfere with our work. Using high-rise systems, such as scaffolding and ropes when it’s windy out puts us in danger. That’s why we may cancel our session if the wind is strong.

  1. We Think Office Workers Are Strange

We love being able to work outdoors. We get to enjoy a wonderful scenery from a bird’s eye view. We enjoy every season and pity those, who have to spend long hours in the office. Many window cleaners used to be office workers in the past. One day, they just decided that they can’t take the lack of freedom anymore.

  1. We Fear For Our Lives

We don’t fear heights. We love the fresh breeze on the 90thfloor of the high-rise building. But we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t fear for our lives. That’s why we are always extra careful about protection and safety rules. Perhaps this approach may slightly slow down our work, but our lives are more important.

  1. We Try Not To Peek

When we do our work, we often look through the windows. If you live in a high-rise apartment building and see a window cleaner outside your window, close the blinds. We really don’t want to see anything you don’t want us to see. In fact, I think we are better off staying in the dark, but it’s not always possible.

  1. We Are Highly Skilled

Not everyone can become a window cleaner. We go through rigorous training to deal with all types of projects, including high and tough to reach spots. Cleaning windows is not simple. It’s tough and dangerous. But we still love the process! windows cleaner manhattan.

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5 Simple Actions To Boost Your Home’s Value

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or wondering if you can make it more attractive, a few steps can help you achieve your goal. If you haven’t hired a window washing service in a while or never heard about power washing, you have a few interesting discoveries to make. Let’s take a closer look.
1. Improve The Curb Appeal
The simplest way to improve the curb appeal of your home is to power wash walls and the driveway. You don’t always need to hire a professional to do the job. Power washing tools are usually lying around one of your neighbor’s sheds. Ask around.
Take a close look at your landscape. It’s the first thing people see when they come over. The easiest way to make the yard look grand without too much effort is to invest in an artificial lawn and a few pieces of outdoor furniture.
2. Paint The Walls
The simplest touch-up job in the world is wall painting. You can do it over the weekend and have the house shine as it never did before. Fresh paint does magic. Make sure you choose a high quality and fast-drying paint to make your job easier.
If it’s summertime, consider refreshing the paint on the outside walls as well. If you have outdoor structures, such as sheds, paint them too.
3. Do Some Cleaning
Power washing is great for walls. But what about windows? Hiring professional window washing service can improve the value of your home greatly. When the potential customer comes to check out your property, dirty windows are a big no-no.
They reduce the brightness of your rooms and make your home look older. Make sure you opt for at least a biannual window cleaning session.
4. Smart Technologies
Energy efficiency is very popular nowadays. That’s why such things as a smart thermostat or a smart security system are making their way into many American homes. Smart home options don’t just make your house more attractive, they save you money on energy bills.
5. Replace Fixtures
New fixtures are fairly cheap. Meanwhile, they can completely change the way your house looks. Consider getting new doorknobs, light fixtures, and cabinet handles. You’d be surprised at how different and more expensive your home will appear.
Start working on improving your home’s value today. By the time you decide to sell it, it will be in an excellent condition.
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5 Important Home Maintenance Tips For The Summer of 2018

Even if you’ve hired the best window cleaner manhattan to take care of all the glass inside your home, you may still be unsatisfied with the way your house looks from outside. Since summer is around the corner, there are several things we’d recommend you do to improve your property’s curb appeal. These tips can help you enjoy your next outdoor barbecuing session, as you never did before.
1. Wash It!
You’ve washed the windows. But what about the walls? You can pressure wash your walls, driveway, and other asphalt and concrete surfaces around the house. Just one power washing session can help your home look excellent all summer long.
Don’t forget to take care of the doors as well. They are often overlooked. However, doors are just as important as windows. They get dirty faster than walls and windows due to high everyday exploitation.
2. Touch up!
Perform a close inspection of your siding to evaluate your exterior wall condition. The summer season is ideal for paint touch-ups on your house exterior. It’s also a good opportunity to check for holes or vents that can provide entry to rodents and other critters as well as weather elements.
Sealing such entryways is much easier in the summer when the weather is good and the animals are outside. When they start seeking refuge in the fall, your house should be ready.
3. Check it!
Walkways and patios may seem durable but nature is tougher. Summer is a great season to see if there are some cracks, which can allow weeds to grow through them. Plants that start going through cracks can ruin any surface, be it asphalt or concrete. So try to catch the problem before it leads to costly repairs.
4. Change’em!
Taking care of your HVAC system is vital to extending the life expectancy of your heating and cooling equipment. Before you turn on the air conditioning, invite a specialist or replace the filters on your own. Filters must be checked on a regular basis in order to avoid an increase in energy consumption and poor venting.
5. Call Them!
If you have any outdoor glass elements, you can take advantage of professional Manhattan window cleaners. At Big Apple Window Cleaning (window cleaner manhattan),  we’ll gladly take care of all the glass surfaces you have inside and outside your home to help you enjoy your property this summer. window cleaner manhattan.
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7 Things To Do This Summer

Did you already make a “to do” list for this summer? At Big Apple Window Cleaning (window cleaner nyc), we did some research to come up with a few activities, which are bound to make our summer exciting. Let us share our list. Maybe you’ll find some points useful.
1. Go On A City Walking Tour
You may have lived in NYC all your life, but we bet you still don’t know all the ins and outs of your city. Take advantage of Google maps and plan a walking tour of places you’ve never visited. This can help you enjoy your city even more.
2. Make An Awesome Photo
It takes some skills and education to become a professional photographer. However, amateur photos can be just as exciting as professional masterpieces. Make a goal to create an amazing photo. It shouldn’t just look good on your Instagram wall. It should be fascinating enough to be hung in your living room.
3. Go On A Picnic
There are many picnic spots in NYC. But you most likely prefer fast food joints. Ask your friends to join you on a full-time picnic with a basket, a blanket, and a variety of “picnic” food. The word picnic comes from a German “picknick”, which means picking up little pieces of food. Finger foods are ideal for picnics.
4. See The Fireworks
Firework shows in NY are truly exciting. They are free too. Make it a goal to visit at least five firework events this summer. The best part about the fireworks is that they can make anyone feel like a child again. Don’t miss out on a chance to give yourself such a great treat.
5. Do Some Painting
You may not know how to paint, but considering the modern genres, it’s not really necessary. Step into the role of an artist. Dress accordingly. Buy some supplies, and drive to a great nature spot, which is worth drawing. The fresh air, right mood, and beautiful scenery can help anyone find inspiration.
6. Declutter Your Home
Give your home a new feel by getting rid of old and unnecessary stuff. Don’t hesitate to throw old things out. Even better, donate them to charity. You’ll get a feeling of freedom and satisfaction in return. Don’t forget to clean your windows. Dirty windows are great mood killers.
7. Meet With An Old Acquaintance
Isn’t there someone in the world you’d like to chat with but haven’t done it for ages? Summer is the best season to do it. Revive the old connections and remember the good old times. window cleaner nyc.

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5 Post Construction Cleaning Tips

Post construction cleaning is a hassle, which is impossible to avoid. What you can do is make it a little faster and easier. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we have extensive experience dealing with window washing at post construction sites. We would like to share a few tips we picked up along the way.
1. Start And Finish With The Floors
Floors take the biggest hit during the construction. Doing anything else before you are done with the floors is useless. Take out all the garbage and do heavy-duty sweeping before going on to the next steps. However, avoid washing the floors just yet. Go through the rest of the post-construction cleaning phases before wielding the mop.
2. Take Advantage Of Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing alcohol does an excellent job dealing with paint streaks. Wherever you find them, be it tub, tile, or walls, get them while they are fresh. You can also use rubbing alcohol to get rid of the paint on the windows. Unless you order window cleaning downtown, removing the paint is up to you.
3. Pay Special Attention To The Walls
All the dust and dirt from the walls must be wiped down. It’s a lengthy job, which can’t be avoided. Make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals to do it. In a majority of cases, all construction debris can be removed by using a mild detergent with water. While washing the walls, pay close attention to their appearance. Sometimes you may find damaged spots, which you can get the contractor to fix before you move in.
4. Sanitize The Bathrooms
It’s important to pay close attention to toilets, sinks, and tubs. Besides scrubbing them, use a sanitizer to make sure they are bacteria free. The toilet seat is especially important. You may even want to consider replacing it before moving in.
5. Consider Power Washing
Interior construction cleaning is important but so is exterior washing. You can hire a company to power wash the exterior walls, patio, and driveway. This way your home will look excellent inside and out.
At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we offer interior and exterior window cleaning downtown services in NYC. We are always ready to help you with your post-construction efforts.
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Pros And Cons Of Window Film

While doing our window cleaning service manhattan, we’ve started to notice how many people are taking advantage of the window film. Even though washing windows with such a film is not much harder than cleaning “bare” windows”, we’ve decided to look at the pros and cons of such protection.
Window Film Advantages
1. Smaller Energy Bills
Tinting your windows keeps the sunshine out of your home allowing you to reduce the air conditioner and ventilator use. Meanwhile, the heat inside the home is conserved during the wintertime, helping you save money on heating.
2. Extra Interior Protection
Direct sunshine doesn’t just make it hard to watch TV, it can ruin your furniture. The colors affected by the sunrays fade very quickly. UV film can keep the sun out and save your closets, rugs, and bedding.
3. Precious Sun Protection
Do you put the sunscreen on when you are at home? Of course not! Meanwhile, the harmful UV rays can still affect you inside your home while shining through the windows. Window film can solve this problem by reducing their effect by about 90 percent.
4. A Good View
The newest UV films don’t darken your windows so you can enjoy a clear view. Meanwhile, any window cleaning service in Manhattan can keep your windows clean.
5. Better Privacy
Unless you opt for the clear film, you can use the tinting as an additional privacy protection. The film allows the light to enter your home while keeping your life invisible to the passerby.
6. Window Breakage Protection
If the window accidentally breaks, the shards won’t go flying around your room. The film will keep them in one spot.
Window Film Disadvantages
1. Application Difficulty
Applying the film correctly is a work of art. Even a slight mistake can lead to bubbling and unpleasant visual effects.
2. Choice Problem
Choosing the right film for your needs is complicated. You need to find a company that can give a proper consultation. Always keep the climate in mind.
3. Too Many Hopes
If the direct sunlight and glare affect your windows, even the best tint won’t save you. You’d still need to use curtains.
When hiring a window cleaning service manhattan, let them know that you have window film so they can bring proper equipment and solutions.
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7 Things To Check In Your Home This Spring

While spring window washing is a must-do for all homeowners, hiring the best window cleaner New York won’t solve all your spring problems. After the tough winter season is over, you need to check your house in order to avoid expensive repairs. We’ve come up with a 7-point checklist for you to go over. Don’t put these things off. In the summer, it might be too late.
1. Check Your Roof
Roof problems are the hardest to spot and the toughest to fix. Broken and sagging shingles, discoloration, and small cracks should catch your attention. Check the roof from the inside as well. Is there ceiling sagging, wet spots or outright leaks? Act fast and you can save yourself plenty of hassle in the future.
2. Check The Window Seals
If you are not planning to hire a professional window cleaner New York, at least check all the window seals. Bad window seals can cause condensation, which leads to mold formation. They are also the main cause of unpleasant drafts. It’s better to fix this problem in the summer than suffer from the consequences when the cold season arrives.
3. Check The Gutters
We hope you cleaned your gutters in the fall. Even if you did, you still need to check for breakage and leaks in the spring. Broken gutters affect water drainage and may lead to expensive repairs of water damage. If you didn’t clean the gutters in the fall, do it now.
4. Check The Smoke Detector Batteries
Smoke detector batteries should be replaced twice a year. The devices should also be tested at least once a year. Make this point a part of your spring-cleaning checklist.
5. Clean The Air Conditioning Units
You can order a professional cleaning or replace the filters on your own. In any case, the ventilation and air conditioning system must be maintained before the hot season arrives. Dirty filters boost your energy bills.
6. Clean Your Backyard
When the snow melts and the puddles dry up, you can see many interesting things in your backyard. Take care of the unwanted debris and dirt to prep your yard for the summer.
7. Pressure Wash Your Home
Pressure washing your house is a great way to give it a better curb appeal while dealing with mold and pollen on the walls. Consider hiring a professional home and window cleaner New York to do the job.