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Pros And Cons Of Window Film

While doing our window cleaning service manhattan, we’ve started to notice how many people are taking advantage of the window film. Even though washing windows with such a film is not much harder than cleaning “bare” windows”, we’ve decided to look at the pros and cons of such protection.
Window Film Advantages
1. Smaller Energy Bills
Tinting your windows keeps the sunshine out of your home allowing you to reduce the air conditioner and ventilator use. Meanwhile, the heat inside the home is conserved during the wintertime, helping you save money on heating.
2. Extra Interior Protection
Direct sunshine doesn’t just make it hard to watch TV, it can ruin your furniture. The colors affected by the sunrays fade very quickly. UV film can keep the sun out and save your closets, rugs, and bedding.
3. Precious Sun Protection
Do you put the sunscreen on when you are at home? Of course not! Meanwhile, the harmful UV rays can still affect you inside your home while shining through the windows. Window film can solve this problem by reducing their effect by about 90 percent.
4. A Good View
The newest UV films don’t darken your windows so you can enjoy a clear view. Meanwhile, any window cleaning service in Manhattan can keep your windows clean.
5. Better Privacy
Unless you opt for the clear film, you can use the tinting as an additional privacy protection. The film allows the light to enter your home while keeping your life invisible to the passerby.
6. Window Breakage Protection
If the window accidentally breaks, the shards won’t go flying around your room. The film will keep them in one spot.
Window Film Disadvantages
1. Application Difficulty
Applying the film correctly is a work of art. Even a slight mistake can lead to bubbling and unpleasant visual effects.
2. Choice Problem
Choosing the right film for your needs is complicated. You need to find a company that can give a proper consultation. Always keep the climate in mind.
3. Too Many Hopes
If the direct sunlight and glare affect your windows, even the best tint won’t save you. You’d still need to use curtains.
When hiring a window cleaning service manhattan, let them know that you have window film so they can bring proper equipment and solutions.
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7 Things To Check In Your Home This Spring

While spring window washing is a must-do for all homeowners, hiring the best window cleaner New York won’t solve all your spring problems. After the tough winter season is over, you need to check your house in order to avoid expensive repairs. We’ve come up with a 7-point checklist for you to go over. Don’t put these things off. In the summer, it might be too late.
1. Check Your Roof
Roof problems are the hardest to spot and the toughest to fix. Broken and sagging shingles, discoloration, and small cracks should catch your attention. Check the roof from the inside as well. Is there ceiling sagging, wet spots or outright leaks? Act fast and you can save yourself plenty of hassle in the future.
2. Check The Window Seals
If you are not planning to hire a professional window cleaner New York, at least check all the window seals. Bad window seals can cause condensation, which leads to mold formation. They are also the main cause of unpleasant drafts. It’s better to fix this problem in the summer than suffer from the consequences when the cold season arrives.
3. Check The Gutters
We hope you cleaned your gutters in the fall. Even if you did, you still need to check for breakage and leaks in the spring. Broken gutters affect water drainage and may lead to expensive repairs of water damage. If you didn’t clean the gutters in the fall, do it now.
4. Check The Smoke Detector Batteries
Smoke detector batteries should be replaced twice a year. The devices should also be tested at least once a year. Make this point a part of your spring-cleaning checklist.
5. Clean The Air Conditioning Units
You can order a professional cleaning or replace the filters on your own. In any case, the ventilation and air conditioning system must be maintained before the hot season arrives. Dirty filters boost your energy bills.
6. Clean Your Backyard
When the snow melts and the puddles dry up, you can see many interesting things in your backyard. Take care of the unwanted debris and dirt to prep your yard for the summer.
7. Pressure Wash Your Home
Pressure washing your house is a great way to give it a better curb appeal while dealing with mold and pollen on the walls. Consider hiring a professional home and window cleaner New York to do the job.
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Extending Your Home’s Life And Improving Curb Appeal

When you buy a house, you make a substantial investment. Most likely, you’ll be paying off the mortgage for years to come. Keeping this in mind, are you sure, you are investing sufficient effort in maintaining your home? Do you wash your windows on a regular basis, clean the gutters, and wash the exterior walls? Most owners care about the way their homes look inside, meanwhile, taking good care of the exterior is the key to extending your property’s life and improving its curb appeal.
1. Window Washing (window cleaner)
Well-cleaned windows don’t just improve the way your home looks from the outside, they allow you to save energy. When you are cleaning your windows on a regular basis, you can spot glass problems, such as hard water stains, which can lead to degradation. By discovering problems while they are still small, you can extend your windows’ lifespan.
2. Gutter Cleaning
Just like window washing, gutter cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance. Cleaning gutters at least twice a year is mandatory. Otherwise, the old leaves, garbage, and debris stay in the gutters and so does the water. Without a way out, the water can damage the house and lead to costly repairs.
3. Exterior Washing
Contrary to the popular opinion, rain doesn’t clean your house. Yes, your driveway may look cleaner after the rain but with time, the materials start to deteriorate. Pressure washing is a simple way to keep the exterior of your house clean. You need to take care of the walls, driveway, decks, patios, and sidewalks. Power washing can keep the debris, hard minerals from sprinklers, acid raindrops, and other unfortunate things from ruining your house.
4. Pest Control
Besides being dangerous, wasps, ants, and other pests are slowly ruining your house from the inside. Hiring a pest inspector can help you find the annoying neighbors and clean them out. You may not see their work until it’s too late. So check for pests on a regular basis. window cleaner.
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6 Simple Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is in full swing and your energy bills are skyrocketing? You must have missed a few vital energy-saving tricks. Homeowners often don’t realize how easy it is to reduce the amounts they pay for energy. Instead of turning down the thermostat and freezing on the cold nights, you can take advantage of much simpler yet more effective tricks. Start today and see a much nicer energy bill next month.
1. Buy Thick Curtains
No matter how well your windows are installed, some drafts are inevitable. Thick curtains can prevent the drafts from entering your room during the night. Don’t forget to open the curtains and blinds during the day to let the sun rays inside.
2. Invest In a Programmable Thermostat
A smart thermostat can be programmed to reduce the heat when no one is at home, lower it slightly during the night, and increase when the temperatures outside drop. You don’t need the room to be very warm at night when you are under a thick blanket, so have the thermostat reduce the temperature between 12 am and 6 am.
3. Install Energy Efficient Windows And Doors
Energy efficient windows and doors are pretty expensive. However, the amount of money you’ll save when you stop heating the street is substantial. If you are not ready to install them just yet, consider covering a drafty window with clear plastic.
4. Turn The Lights Off
Whenever you leave the room, turn the lights off. You’d be amazed at how much energy you can save by such a simple action. If you can’t make it a habit, consider installing motion sensors for the lights to turn off automatically when no one is in the room.
5. Wash Your Windows
Winter sunrays can be just as useful for warming up your home as the summer heat. All you have to do is allow them in. The dirtier your windows are, the fewer sunrays they allow through. It’s up to you to schedule seasonal window cleaning (professional window cleaning manhattan) and do touchups midseason.
6. Unplug Appliances Before Leaving
When you leave your house for a long time, make sure to unplug all the appliances, such as the computer, TV, microwave, etc. They use up energy even when turned off. professional window cleaning manhattan.
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5 Interesting Facts About Window Cleaning

Window washing ny dates back to ancient Egypt, where the first glass was made. Back then, it was very rare and valuable. Glass was too precious to make windows; however, the pharaohs might have used it for this purpose. In the middle of the 19th century, glass came into mass production, and that’s when people started using it for windows. Back in the 1850’s the window washing ny business didn’t exist. It appeared in the 1860’s together with the construction boom.
1. Window Cleaning Trade Was Born in New York
The window cleaning trade came to life in New York, which is not surprising since there are so many skyscrapers around. In 1931, there were three thousand window cleaners in the city. Today, this number is significantly lower (less than 800) thanks to the abundance of window cleaning technologies.
2. Old Squeegees Were Tough to Operate
The grandfather of the modern squeegee was a tool that fishermen used to scale the fish. It was bulky and hard to use. In the early 20th century, the scaling tool turned into a squeegee with a rubber blade. However, in order to change the blade, you had to remove 12 screws. The modern-day squeegee appeared in 1936.
3. Window Cleaning Is Dangerous
Window cleaning is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. In 1993, New York window cleaners’ union came up with safety programs that reduced the number of deaths among window cleaners. Window washing ny is still the most dangerous job in some countries.
4. Window Cleaning May Become Obsolete
We already have machines that wash our clothes, clean our dishes, vacuum and wash our floors. The window washing robots exist as well. At the moment, they are far from being perfect and can’t replace a human cleaner. But who knows what the future holds?
5. Window Cleaners Hold Guinness World Records
On October 9, 2009, a UK citizen Terry Burrows cleaned three office windows (45×45 inches) in just 9.14 seconds. He used an 11.75-inch long squeegee and 2.37 gallons of water to do it. The record was set during a National Window Cleaning Competition in the UK.
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How To Choose a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

A microfiber cleaning cloth is one of the irreplaceable assistants in any household. Besides doing a great job cleaning electronics and appliances, it can wipe windows clean without leaving any streaks. However, choosing the right microfiber cloth can be a tough task. Some do the job from the first touch and last virtually forever (over 500 washes) while others don’t absorb enough dirt and leave fibers on the surface.
1. The Brand
Microfiber cloths vary in quality, and it often depends on the manufacturer.  Most of the time a more expensive microfiber cloth from a respected brand is a better choice than a cheap alternative from a no-name company.
2. Split Fibers
Read the label on the cloth. Is it made out of split or non-split fibers? Non-split fibers mean that the cloth doesn’t have pores to pick up grease, dirt, and moisture. The microfiber with split fibers has special “compartments” for the lint, oil, grime, etc. A non-split fiber cloth will repel anything it touches. Accordingly, choose only split fiber cloths.
3. The Mix
High-quality microfiber cloths have 70 to 30 or 80 to 20 polyester to polyamide content. Anything different makes it less effective. Some brands add silver to the content in order to fight bacteria. However, the silver components may scratch the surface.
4. The Test
After you are done reading the label, consider doing a few tests to help you understand if what you are holding is really a high-quality microfiber cloth.
• Hold the cloth with two hands and pull it in different directions to see if it stretches. A high-quality microfiber cloth shouldn’t stretch. The more it stretches, the faster it will fall apart.
• If you’ve already purchased a cloth, do a water test. A high-quality cloth should absorb water well. If all it does is “roll” the water around, you have a poor quality cloth. Once you wash and wring the cloth, it should dry rather quickly. If it takes too long to dry, the quality is below average.
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7 Facts You Want To Know About Window Cleaning in NYC

Are you thinking of a hiring a window washing manhattan company? Or perhaps you have some idea of how to save money and do the job on your own? Window cleaning is not as straightforward as you may think it is.
People tend to overlook some important things and end up with wasting time and money without getting proper results. Experts from Big Apple Window Cleaning are ready to share some important information to help you make the right choices.
1. Wash Screens Before Windows
Dirty screens will ruin your squeaky-clean windows the moment you install them back and it rains. Respect your efforts and give the screens a good scrub before replacing them.
2. Wear Gloves
When you are doing winter window washing manhattan, make sure to wear gloves. Otherwise, you may ruin your skin and catch a cold. Consider wearing rubber gloves in the summer as well in order not to make too much contact with water and detergents.
3. Beware of Birds
Birds have a “through-house” line of sight. Meaning that if they can see through something, they think there isn’t anything there. The cleaner your glass is, the easier it is for the birds to ignore.
4. Hire an Expert
A window washing manhattan professional can do the job five times faster than an amateur cleaner. Meanwhile, the results are much more impressive.
5. Use Vinegar Instead of Cleaning Agents
If you are into a natural and eco-friendly living, you can use vinegar instead of window washing detergents. It deals with grease and doesn’t leave streaks. The proportion for mixing vinegar with water is 1:1.
6. Use Different Tools for Indoor and Outdoor Cleaning
If you want to keep the pollutants and bird excrements outdoors, use different tools for cleaning the indoor part of the windows. Buy two scrapers, two squeegees, and two microfiber/chamois cloths.
7. Buy Blackboard Erasers
A simple old-fashioned blackboard eraser can do wonders to erase the streaks after you clean your window. Invest in a coup

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Self-Cleaning Windows: Too Good to Be True?

Window cleaning has been around since ancient Egypt. Are window cleaners about to lose their jobs? After all, elevator operators, bowling pinsetters, and street sweepers are long gone thanks to the new technologies.
We have forgotten about vacuuming and washing the floors thanks to robots, who do it for us. Are self-cleaning windows a new technology that can bid farewell to the window cleaning service new york? Let’s take a look.
How Does It Work?
Self-cleaning glass uses two complicated processes to maintain the clear view:
• Photo-catalysis – the sunlight is used to remove the dirt. The glass absorbs UV rays that break down any organic material.
• Hydrophilicity – Using raindrops to spread over the glass, washing it clean.
Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Your windows could be smart. Or not?
Cons of Self-Cleaning Windows
While the pros of installing self-cleaning windows are obvious, let’s talk about the cons.
1. High price
When you are renovating your home or building a new one, you are in for many expected and unexpected expenses. Spending a small fortune on self-cleaning windows may not be an option for everyone.
2. No Rain – No Gain
Do all your windows have access to the rain? What about rolling shutters, lintels, and arches? Does the rain always fall straight down your windows? Or perhaps one side of the house is protecting the other one from the drops? As a result, only some of your windows will get enough rain to self-clean.
3. Lack of Sunshine
Isn’t using the sun cheaper than hiring window cleaning company? It is, but only if you get some. Are some of your windows installed in the shady part of the house? How much sunshine does NY actually get in the fall and winter? When you think about it, your self-cleaning windows might not be such a good idea for the NYC area, where you get only 96 bright and sunny days per year.
Window cleaning service new york is not about to become a lost profession. Take some time to think about installing self-cleaning windows. Perhaps you’ll change your mind. Big Apple Window Cleaning is always ready to provide window-washing solutions for your NY home

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4 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Whether you are planning to hire a window washing new york or want to make some touchups on your own, you need to do some homework. Any windows cleaning professional will tell you that this job is highly complicated. Starting with choosing the right squeegee and ending with keeping your balance, the wrong approach to window cleaning can lead to a disaster. Big Apple Window Cleaning professionals are sharing four common window-cleaning mistakes.
1. Skipping Seasonal Cleaning
If you think your windows look fine enough to skip the next seasonal cleaning, you are terribly wrong. Regular cleaning keeps them looking great and allows the sun rays to enter your home. In a month or so, your windows will start looking worse and worse while cleaning them will become harder. Schedule at least two window cleanings per year in order to enjoy a clear view every day.
2. Cleaning Windows on A Sunny Day
When you clean your windows with the sun shining straight at them, you are bound to create streaks because the sun dries the cleaning solution very fast. When the sun sets, you’ll be appalled at the results. Choose the time of the day with the sun is not shining directly at the glass.
3. Using Paper Towels
While paper towels may seem like a great idea since you can take a clean one whenever you need it, they can leave fibers and residue on your glass. Settle for microfiber or chamois cloths to clean your windows. Avoid cotton cloths as well.
4. Doing Too Much Too Fast
If you’ve seen how professional window washing new york is done, you may be dreaming about doing it as fast. Only real window cleaning experts can clean your house windows in a couple of hours. If you are on your own, take things slowly. Most likely, you’ll need more than one day to do the job. Hurrying through the cleaning session may leave you with unsatisfactory results.
Big Apple Window Cleaning is always here to help you with your window washing needs. If you feel you need a hand, give us a call.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear all!
From the bottom of our hearts, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for being with us this year! We’ve achieved so many important things together and hope to keep working with you in the future.
At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we are always ready to give you a hand with any glass-cleaning project. As soon as the holidays are over, you can give us a call to book another cleaning. If for some reason you skipped a seasonal cleaning, you can still make your windows shine before New Year comes.
We have grandiose plans for the next year and we hope you’ll stay with us to see them come to fruition. We are planning to hire new team members, expand our business, and master new window cleaning techniques. The year 2018 is bound to be exciting and fulfilling.
We can’t wait to hear your opinion about our work. We tried so hard to keep our standards high and we hope we achieved the goal. At Big Apple Window Cleaning, we know the importance of excellent service and, judging from your reviews, we are doing a good job.
On this Christmas, we wish you and your loved ones to stay happy and healthy for years to come. We hope you’ll be spending these holidays surrounded by the people you love and value. We wish you to have a happy and safe holiday season! And Big Apple Window Cleaning team will always be here to help you enjoy a clear view.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do what we do best. We dedicate ourselves to our work and love seeing the results. It’s been a busy year but we are eagerly awaiting the new one.
We look forward to seeing you again after the holidays!