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Important Ladder Safety for Window Cleaning in Manhattan

If you hire professionals for window cleaning Manhattan, you don’t have to worry about safety. They are specifically trained to keep the risk of accidents to a minimum. However, if you plan to do some touch-ups on your own, you have to follow certain safety rules.

Hopefully, you won’t be trying to reach the high spots by balancing on a chair, which is standing on a table. A good ladder is the first step to safe cleaning.

  1. Inspect The Ladder

Even if you just purchased a brand new ladder, you still have to make an inspection. If you see something that worries you, such as cracks, loose bolts or uneven steps, go back to the store to exchange it. Inspect the ladder before every window cleaning Manhattan.

  1. Check the Surface

An uneven surface is one of the top causes of ladder-related injuries. When you are installing the ladder, make sure it’s perfectly balanced.

  1. Forget About Stretching

If it seems as if the tough spot is just one inch away, don’t stretch to reach it. Climb down and reposition the ladder. That one inch is not worth a month on crutches. If you catch yourself stretching to reach a high spot, go and buy a bigger ladder.

  1. Don’t Leave the Ladder Unattended

Ladders are dangerous even when they are just standing there. If the ladder is outside, a gust of wind can topple it over so it breaks something or hits a passerby. A child can start climbing an unattended ladder and get hurt. Need to leave the site? Lay the ladder on the floor.

  1. Don’t Use The Top Steps

Never use the top steps of any ladder even if you don’t reach the window without climbing them. Their purpose is to keep the ladder balanced not to help you reach higher. When you climb the top steps, the chances of losing your balance increase dramatically.

Window cleaning Manhattan is a tough and dangerous task even when you have the right equipment. Consider hiring professional cleaners.

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How To Prevent Birds From Hitting Your Clean Windows

Everyone loves clean windows, right? The birds don’t. While you enjoy the way the squeaky-clean glass reflects the sunlight and brings warm morning rays into your room, birds don’t appreciate your window cleaning efforts. The cleaner your glass is the fewer chances a bird has to see it.

Window cleaning NY is a compulsory seasonal task that results in transparent-looking glass. Once a bird hits your window, the clean magic disappears. What can you do?


  1. Use String Curtains

String curtains don’t just look stylish (especially when decorated with beads), they allow the bird to see your window. Meanwhile, strings don’t keep too much light and sunshine out so the energy efficiency of clean windows doesn’t suffer.

  1. Apply Decals

Not everyone likes decorating his or her windows. However, just a few decals can make a huge difference in some birds’ lives. You don’t have to cover your whole window with stickers. Just a couple of them in the corners can help the birds see your window.

  1. Install External Shutters

External shutters won’t just reduce the frequency of your window cleaning ny, they’ll help the birds notice your windows. All you have to do is close the shutters whenever you are not in the room. These shutters can become wonderful energy savers during hot and cold seasons. They also prevent break-ins.

  1. Consider One-Way Transparent Film

This film won’t prevent the light from coming in but will make the window appear opaque on the outside. It’s a great way of keeping the birds out. At the same time, the film can seal the cool air in during the hot season.

Window cleaning NY, especially when done by professionals, results in such squeaky-clean windows that many birds just don’t see them. Take measures to prevent a collision, which can result in a dirty window and untimely bird’s death.

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Dangerous Approach to Window Cleaning (Don’t Try This At Home)

Window cleaning has been around ever since the first glass window appeared in Roman Egypt. Back then, even amateur window cleaners didn’t face the same dangers at the professional washers today. The buildings weren’t too high while the windows were rather small since the glass was expensive.

Nowadays when windows come in all shapes and sizes and buildings reach high into the sky, window cleaning brooklyn has become a dangerous task. While some people thoughtfully delegate the task to the professionals, others still try to save a buck by risking their lives.


  1. Dancing On The Ledge

“Dancing? I always walk very carefully when on the ledge”. This might be one of the last things you’ll hear an amateur window cleaner say before he plummets down to the ground. No matter how careful you are about walking on the ledge, you are risking your life. A loud sound, a bird flying by or an itchy foot can lead to a disaster. That’s why professional window cleaners have special equipment, which is improved on a yearly basis.

  1. Leaning Out of The Window

“Just a little bit further and I’ll get the annoying streak”. That annoying streak can cost you your life. No matter how safe you may feel when leaning out of the window, you may lean a little too far at some point. If you have to reach a tough spot, opt for buying squeegees with long handles or hire a professional window cleaner to get the job done safely.

  1. Climbing a Chair Near an Open Window

“I’m only cleaning the inside of the window”. If so, don’t forget to close it. Many people open their windows and start cleaning both sides while standing on a chair. Whenever more than half of your torso is above the windowsill when the window is open, you are at a risk of falling.

Window cleaning brooklyn is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Be smart about doing it.