Highrise Window Cleaning: Big Apple

Highrise Window Cleaning: Big Apple

The company with services as transparent as your freshly cleaned glass

Do not balance on the height and put your life and health to risk trying to wash windows in a high-rise building on your own! This is really reckless and dangerous. You can achieve excellent results with help of a reputable, properly insured and reliable company like Big Apple. You will be surprised by the cost – it’s much more affordable than you thought!

There are different methods applied by professionals for cleaning windows in high-rise buildings. Each of them has its own advantages and requires particular equipment:

Water fed pole system

This method is used for many commercial buildings of New York. Being comparatively cheap, it allows to get great results and perfectly clean windows. The method is based on the advanced, 100% safe technology. It does not damage windows and purifies the glass from all the dirt. Besides, water fed pole system is the eco-friendly choice free from detergents. The method is recommended for buildings with maximum five storeys. The building can be used in the same fully functional manner as soon as the job is completed.


Big Apple also makes use of suspending systems to reach dirty windows of high-rise buildings. Sometimes a cradle represents the only way to do the job. At the same time, this method requires the high level of professionalism and could be realized only under certain circumstances. The building should be absolutely safe and integral.

It’s true that some modern buildings do have their own integrated cradle systems, but even in this case it’s far from safe to use the cradle on your own. Address a reliable professional company to complete the task.

Mounted platforms

In some cases, cradle systems are not available or not recommended to be used (for example, when the building is too old to trust its integrity). That’s the scenario when professionals prefer mounted platforms. A platform can be mounted on a small vehicle or a compact truck.

Operations executed with help of mounted platforms can be very versatile. Such equipment (especially when fully appropriate for the height of the building and its layout) can set up really quickly and do the job well.

But what if a building has a challenging scale or layout? It’s not a problem for mounted platforms – compared to other options, they are easily adjustable and enabling workers to maneuver between windows and protruding elements of the structure. At the same time, they have the important advantage of reaching great heights.

Rope access

In the absence of a cradle, specialists may use abseiling to clean your windows. This method should always be used by professionals. They will make sure they won’t damage the outer surface of the structure. The method allows to maneuver quickly across the building and reach any window. But it’s not convenient when workers need to hold heavy equipment. Abseiling is a diverse and cost-effective windows cleaning option, though risky. Besides, it allows to get close to windows and, therefore, to provide high-quality and flawless cleaning.

So, what method should you choose?

It depends. Consider the height of the building, its layout. Take into consideration such factors as time – if you need the job to be done urgently, do not use complicated equipment. Care about other people and those who use the building – probably, they won’t be happy to see someone outside their windows on the seventh floor if they behave as if their space is fully private.

In any way, we do not recommend you to clean windows of a tall building higher than floors 1 or 2. Do not put yourself to an unlimited risk. A professional team from Big Apple will do it safely, quickly and won’t hit your pocket. Think about probable risks and your time – compare them to the cost of our services to conclude it’s the best decision to choose Big Apple! We will save for you more!

Contact our company to find out how often you need to wash windows, consult with specialists and to discuss the best methods of cleaning for a high-rise building. With Big Apple you are going to get great results without excess expenditures!


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