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Window Cleaning

We live in the city of endless windows. Dark, dimmed, light, in all possible forms and sizes, they contribute to the landscape of Long Island and the atmosphere of every single space hidden there inside… Quite naturally each of us needs comfort to feel good. We surround ourselves with beautiful accessories, cozy carpets and pillows, turn on colorful lamps to attract customers or to celebrate a holiday. However, the essential condition of comfort is cleanliness. This is where everyone should start to create that very wonderful atmosphere. But do not forget that housecleaning should regularly include windows cleaning. Tidy windows work like magic, they make any space more inviting and comfortable. And the best way to make windows perfectly clean is to hire Big Apple, guys!

Save your time and let us do the job

Home and office are very valuable places in your life, where you spend the most of the day. Provide a proper upkeep not only to the inner space but also to the windows – let the light in! But don’t postpone more important and pleasant activities, don’t climb the ladder yourself trying to remove dirt and dust. It’s time-consuming, risky and not so effective compared to professional services. Big Apple has all necessary equipment and washing tools for the flawless result.

In Long Island our company is one of the best options. Backed by the extensive experience and knowledge in the field, high-quality tools, professional cleaners, trained according to our own program, we return brightness to your life. And we do it in the fashion when you don’t worry about the price.

Debris and moss won’t have a single chance to stay on your windows. We have professional windows cleaning products, pressure washing systems and truck mounted vacuum systems to get the excellent result on any window. The job will be done in a matter of hours

Remember, the condition and the service life of windows depend on how often you clean them. Pollutants accumulating on the window damage the glass and finally lead to window replacement which is significantly pricier than professional cleaning.

What about winter season? Do I need to bother with cleaning?

Many people think that a winter season is the time when washing windows is not so much necessary. The sun is weaker and window cleaners won’t do the job on very cold days, they assume. But this assumption is false. You should know that Big Apple works all year around to bring comfort and beauty to houses of Long Island.

We provide winter cleaning for windows in order to:

  • Return an aesthetic and remove all the dirt and debris. No matter deep dark December or July full of sunlight. Impress guests of your house or customers coming to your shop by sparkling beautiful windows.
  • Give you energy and wellness. Do not let darkness and grime in, bring more sunshine to feel better and become more efficient at work. It’s especially crucial in cold months when we miss sunshine so much. It always feels better to be in a sunny space, doesn’t it? Find motivation and good mood in simple things.
  • To prolong the service life of windows. Environmental pollutants unavoidably damage windows, its glass and mechanisms. As a result, you have to maintain the windows more frequently or replace them with new ones. If you invest in winter cleaning, you avoid this problem and save your money in the long perspective.

Now you know that winter window cleaning is a reasonable investment!

How you benefit with Big Apple

  • We treat safety as the top priority and strictly observe IWCA and OSHA safety standards;
  • Our people do not have previous experience, we train every window cleaner under our own thoroughly elaborated program based on standard IWCA l-14;
  • The minimal number of cleaners for every project is two persons;
  • Every year we make full replacement of all personal protection equipment;
  • Our company daily inspects personal protection equipment and reports on the current condition;
  • Window cleaners have mandatory safety training sessions each month.
  • Every window cleaner is backed by all necessary insurance policies.

Quickly, efficiently, affordably – Big Apple is going to surpass all your expectations! We will be happy to answer any questions, just give us a call!


Big Apple Window Cleaning

420 Lexington Ave #2440, New York, NY 10170, United States

+1 212-365-8007

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