Professional Window Cleaning in Staten Island

Window Cleaning in Staten Island

Do you know that long-neglected windows subsequently require more frequent maintenances or even replacement? Yes, you get it right – windows need to be cleaned regularly like homes. Window Cleaning in Staten Island is done successfully by Big Apple company – one of the leaders in the line. Windows of the city can’t wait to meet our professionals!

Save your time and nerves

Here, in Big Apple, we prefer to welcome new window cleaners without previous experience. Newcomers undergo training according to the special program based on IWCA l-14 standard, and this approach has proved to be great. Our window cleaners are always neat, polite, and punctual; they always leave the space tidy when the job is done. That is why Big Apple has so many regular clients in State Island – both physical persons and legal ones. Our services are widely recommended by those who have chosen Big Apple for this task.

Hiring our team, you save a lot of time and get the work accomplished quickly and effectively. It’s not a good idea to utilize employees in a commercial building for windows cleaning. Do you remember why were they hired? It’s a risky undertaking for professionals only, especially exterior cleaning. Extra duties that do not directly relate to straight duties of employees decrease their productivity at work and their motivation. Treat your staff with respect and take care of the reputation of your brand. Protect inexperienced workers from injuries, your windows – from damages, your wallet – from a repair or replacement costs. You require people with proper equipment, cleaning products, and proficient knowledge.

Any citizen of Staten Island can solve this problem with Big Apple at a very affordable price.

Not so easy as you think

Only high-skilled professionals should the job. And this requirement is more important than you can expect. You don’t even suspect how much dirt and dust accumulate over the blinds to complicate the task of cleaning. Screens should not be ignored as well – they need a good wipe at the very beginning of the process.

Window shutters and channels often become the favorite shelter for different insects. Only professionals can make every single corner clean and free from any pollutants. You probably know how it happens when windows are self-cleaned: you start to dawdle and get distracted by phone calls, snacks, kids, dogs and cats, clients coming to the office… It seems endless. You start with enthusiasm, but in a couple of hours, with a mop and a bucket of soapy water in your hands, you want to give up and escape. Yes, if you do it on your own, you spend the entire day! And when window coverings have any damages, it seems to be torture. 

Problems spotted and eliminated

Big Apple experts reveal problems immediately and act thoughtfully and professionally. Moss, debris, dead bees, rotten wood, unfit screens, etching marks, cracks on the glass, weak panes, broken seals, etc. Early spotting of such problems saves a lot of time and money. Besides, they can handle any window – no matter how big, old or high. Big Apple solves problems before they turn really serious and costly.

In-house methods of cleaning are not appropriate for this task. Knowledge, special tools, and products are required. Big Apple knows how to enhance the lifespan of your windows and help you save on replacement and repair. You will see the environment – home or office – more pleasant and cozy with the light abundantly entering inside. Provide regular care to your windows to reduce costs, save nerves and time, to live comfortably and feel well.

And no need to worry about safety! Big Apple regularly inspects and replaces personal protection equipment and provides safety training sessions to each member of the cleaning team. We know this profession inside and out to make your life more convenient and comfortable, to bring a smile to your face! Contact Big Apple to find out more, to ask any occurring questions, to estimate the project, or discuss individual requirements.


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