Storm Window Cleaning: No Problem For Big Apple!

Storm Window Cleaning: No Problem For Big Apple!

You have storm windows in your house and it’s great because such windows perfectly keep all unwanted elements our while holding the warmth in. Besides, storms help to collect dirt, grime and cobwebs. At the same time, serving to protect your home from dirt, storm windows themselves often look far from tidy. And if you try to wash them by yourself, you will soon realize it’s almost impossible to make all their sides clean. This is the issue where Big Apple can help you at the high professional level.

Professional cleaning of storm windows in residential houses

Big Apple is the firm based in NY offering professional care for all types of windows in any locations. Our team relies upon the latest window cleaning techniques, in most cases we do the job without ladders. Big Apple stands for safe environment and provides full insurance coverage to all workers.

Storm windows cleaning services, ordered from Big Apple, include cleaning of a roof gutter. It’s also important to remove all debris from roof gutters and make them clean to maintain the optimal condition of buildings. Clogged debris are removed by means of long extension poles – we do not use ladders for this task. This solution is more efficient and safer.

Our company will always take care of solar panels on the roof of your house. We apply soft and delicate brushes to remove all the dirt, dust and traffic film from their surface. Regular solar panel maintenance can significantly prolong the life service of this roof element. Big Apple works with both domestic solar panels and PV panel installations. Make your storm windows and solar panels stainless and clean with our company at affordable price.

Clean Storm Windows For Brighter Interior

How often do storm windows need to be cleaned? It’s good if you do this at least once a year. Even better if you clean storm windows every autumn and spring. This task should not be ignored – not only because of aesthetics of the interior but also because of energy efficiency inside the house. Take this as a tradition to order storm windows cleaning services twice a year to live in a cozy and warm place.

Storm windows play the important role of additional insulation and extra protection to other windows and doors in the house. They also make your home a more secure place. At the same time, it’s hard to clean storms without professional help. Wooden, aluminium, vinyl ones – all storm windows like to be regularly maintained and cleaned. For better results, storm windows should be removed before cleaning. As the glass is rather thin, this part of the work should be done with caution. Windows made from wood are very difficult to remove or even impossible. But even when cleaned only from outside, they make the living space much more appealing.

It’s very important to protect yourself when you maintain or clean storm windows and remove them. Our specialists always use protective gears to cover their eyes, hands and arms as the glass can easily break, although it happens seldom. The job requires special tools to be used for removal of windows. We always warn home owners if any cracks or chips are revealed on the glass – such storms are more likely to break and cause unpleasant incidents. So, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Storm windows cleaning at its best

Big Apple works with residential houses and provides cleaning for sliding triple track aluminium windows, single pane storm windows and any other types of windows including wood storms. We value every client and offer regular customers more flexible and beneficial conditions. Once you try our services, you will acquire a new tradition – to make your windows clean on a regular basis. Because it’s so much satisfying to look through transparent, beautifully clean windows. Contact our managers to estimate your project and get information about special offers and bonuses for regular customers. Get your windows ready for the next season!


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